What We Do

Our Mission is First and Foremost

1. Education

We believe that by educating as many Union Members as possible on their individual retirement benefits and assisting them in true retirement planning and implementation of their plan, we are helping not only the Union Member, but also our opportunity to earn their trust and business over time.

2. Written Retirement Plan

Each American Retirement Solutions of Georgia Red White and Blue Program Member will receive a written Financial/Retirement Plan that addresses immediate needs and long-term retirement planning. At American Retirement Solutions of Georgia we have a systemzed approach that each American Retirement Solutions of Georgia Registered Representative follows that is clear, detailed, and efficient so that prior to implementation to any financial plan we prepare for our Union Members, we understand their goals, needs, and expectations.

3. Implementation

Once we have created your retirement blueprint or retirement plan that we all agree on, we will implement your plan in an efficient, cost-effective manner and take the guess work out of the situation for you.

We will implement and manage your plan.

4. Reviews and Adjustments

After implementation of the written Financial/Retirement Plan an annual review is necessary to ensure the plan is on track to meeting the needs and expectations of our Union members. In life there can be life changes that require automatic revisions of a plan and other times we simply need to fine-tune small items to give the plan better direction. Each year we will use the previous year's Financial/Retirement Plan to grade the success of the overall plan.

5. Transition Into Retirement

When our Union members begin retirement, we are sure that our long-standing trusting relationship with their Union and them individually will allow a seamless transition from active duty to retirement status. We will assist new retirees in filing for all retirement paperwork, focusing on efficiency and accuracy.

3. Retirement

In retirement we will actively manage our Union members retirement accounts and assist in any other means that we are capable to provide our Union member clients with the most comfortable retirement possible.

And beyond...

We all wish we could live forever IF we could do so at great health mentally and physically, but that isn't possible today. Therefore, it is critical that we plan properly for our Union members' spouses, children, grandchildren, and anyone else that may benefit from years of labor.

At American Retirement Solutions of Georgia we take pride in the fact that we are there for your family under all circumstances.